Our Contact Details

PO Box 910, Innisfail, QLD 4860

Here at the Australian Foundry Institute, our priority is advance the best interests of the foundry industry and support our members through sharing technical information and promoting education.

We also aim to provide an avenue for the expression of national opinion on any matter affecting the foundry industry and/or the interest of our members.

As an Australia-wide organisation, we are focussed on the needs of members all over the country, with dedicated divisions in every state.

Contact Us

National President

Brett Lawrence

Email: brett.lawrence@intercast.com.au

Phone: 0409 365 119

National Vice President

Alan Cooke

Email: agcooke52@gmail.com

Phone: 0427 777 061

National Secretary

Joe Vecchio

Email: Joe.Vecchio@nibf.com.au

Phone: 0407 163 371

New South Wales Division

Keiran Slattery

Email: keiranslattery@hayesmetals.com.au

Phone: 0414 363 695

Queensland Division

Brett Reynolds

Email: brett@ingot.net.au

Phone: 0417 761 558

South Australia Division

Brett Lawrence

Email: presidentafisa@gmail.com

Phone: 0409 365 119

Victoria Division

Amber Maxwell

Email: Ambermaxwell@hayesmetals.com.au

Phone: 0488 068 989

Western Australia Division

John Wooton

Email: presidentafiwa@gmail.com

Contact your STATE for membership details.