Metal casting awareness for students and the public

Metal Casting Awareness for Students and the Public

Foundry "In-A-Box"

Foundry In a Box – Introduction

The AFI Foundry In a Box is a simple, safe, clean way of introducing the basics of metal casting to students and the public.

Students will have a hands on experience in moulding, melting and pouring a small casting which they can take home !!

The AFI Foundry In a Box allows students to produce castings by first ramming a non-toxic, smokeless sand mix into a small moulding box frame to create the 2 halves of the mould. They then melt tin in a purpose designed ladle on an electric induction plate and safely pour the molten metal into the mould. After a short period of cooling the castings are recovered from the mould, the runner system removed and the casting dressed. All moulding sand is recycled as is the metal from the runner system.

These kits can be used in schools, community centres and careers nights.

Contact the AFI now to arrange your first metal casting experience !!